The biggest business division of MACEAS GmbH is leak testing in series production. In this field of our activities we support you in solving all your tasks concerning leak testing. From consulting to the delivery of complete leak testing machines or by recommending leak test methods or equipment for you.

Other business divisions concern several computer and non-computer based measurement technologies for production lines and for the laboratory as well as tasks around the production of fuel tanks.

Our Product-Portfolio:

  • Ultrasonic-Leak-Tester (USLT) by means of Ultrasound-Gas-Bubble-Detection
  • Helium-Leak-Tester (HELT)
  • Hydrogen-Leak-Tester (H2LT)
  • Differential-Pressure-Leak-Tester (DPLT)
  • Machining- and assembly lines, Cooling stations
  • Manual/Automatic Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement Systems
  • EVOH-Layer Thickness Measurement Systems
  • Acoustic Pattern Recognition (e.g. Click Detector for Quick Connectors)

We can work for these industries

Fuel filters, wheels, cylinder head covers, diecast parts in general, fuel pipes, fuel tanks, pump housings, steering gear case, break lines, etc.

Building services engineering
Radiators, gas meters, fittings, controls and instruments, valves, etc.

White goods
Cooling aggregates, pumps, dish washer containers, etc.

Tinned food, cups, etc.

IBC, cans, plastic vessels, etc.